A group of people riding motorcycles on the road.

Another Monday Morning

It simply makes my heart sing when I get a long distance call on a blustery Saskatchewan Monday morning, asking if I remember the couple calling. (That we met several months ago two provinces over in a parking lot, chatting about pain.)

Well, yes, in fact I do remember the conversation and the tailgating sales from the trunk of my motorcycle (at a gas station).

The couple had bought a small tin of the pain cream to try and kept my business card. After using the pain cream for three days, the pain left. Now that the tin was used up, they were getting a hold of me to buy some more, not only for themselves, but for two of their friends and family! That news makes me so very happy! To be able to help a couple hundreds of miles away!

Now if only the wind and snow would stop! Wishful thinking! It is only November! Brrr!