A woman standing in front of a table with items on it.

From Front Line Worker to Healing Salve Creator

So why the motorcycle logo? And how did all this start?

I love motorcycling & do it whenever I can! Without the pain creams, I would not be able to enjoy my hobbies and keep up with the grandkids!

During Covid, I was a Front Line Worker - a pretty fancy title for a part-time Janitor and a full-time School Bus Driver in the tiny village we live in.

The punch line was that because of the sheer act of bending to clean the toilets at the school, my entire right side was completely shot and in agony. At that point, it was very much a reality that I might not be able to ride again!

I had two choices. I could either settle into a rocking chair and take up knitting. Or I could do something positive and change up my game!

And so I started researching, cooking and finding others willing to be my test subjects! Practically every weekend during the summer, you can find me at a local farmer's market, plying my wares! Now, it is time to extend my reach to everyone else!